Whois Privacy Protection with Excellent Value Hosting

In order to put an added level of safety for your domain name and furthermore protect it from online theft besides other Internet attacks, the Domain WHOIS Privacy Protection service is without a doubt a fantastic choice. It can competently obscure your private information, which is required to stay freely available in the domain’s WHOIS information, through swapping it with our data.
Your actual confidential information will not be the sole thing safe. We’ll furthermore sort just about all unnecessary emails and provide simply domain–related emails to your email account.

Whois Privacy Protection–eligible TLDs

Considering that several registrars have fixed Whois Privacy Protection constraints for their TLDs, Excellent Value Hosting can not feature the Whois Privacy Protection service for all of the domain names we have. Nonetheless, the count of domain names which feature Whois Privacy Protection is continually expanding and it currently contains the widest spread domain names extensions.
Have a look at our detailed TLD features page to find out which from the sold domain extensions are eligible for Whois Privacy Protection.

SSL Certificates

Get an SSL certificate with merely a click of the mouse

In case you’ve got an online shop with an order page or a social networking site that has a member’s login form, then you will have to order an SSL certificate to secure these sections and also to assure your clients that their information is protected. To accomplish this, you just need to activate an SSL certificate for a given host from the Domain Manager section of your Control Panel.

Simply push the Order SSL Certificate button, select the type of SSL certificate that you want – generic or wildcard, and fill in the required info. Then simply press the Order button and we’ll give you your SSL certificate’s details.

SSL Certificates

Wildcard Domains

Trigger wildcard domains with just a mouse click

With the Wildcard feature included in the Domain Manager, you will be able to make all the hosts that you have got under a specific domain name load the index page of your website.

This feature can be extremely useful if you want to set up a multisite application on your website, or if you want a specific sub–domain to point to the index page of your website.

You can add a wildcard domain with a simple mouse click from the Control Panel–integrated Domain Manager interface. Just click the Add Host button located on the right and you will see the Wildcard option at the bottom of the dialogue box.

Wildcard Domains

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